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Since 1996 we have been training our students in the of Goju-Ryu KarateKIDS- Develop Self Confidence, become Physically Fit, Learns Discipline, Defend Themselves. Adults- Get in Shape, Learns How Defend Yourself, Get Rid Of Your Strees, Become a BLACK BELT.




I would like to share a story about a situation that my son, Justin Rubio, was put in this past summer while we were on vacation in Siesta Key. It started out with a group of children playing with water guns and shooting at each other. Apparently my son squirted another boy in the face by mistake. The boy got very upset and tried to punch Justin. Justin then quickly got the boys hand and flipped him over onto his back in the sand and held him there. Thanks to what he has learned in Family Martial Arts he was able to defend himself without hurting the other boy. He had the opportunity to hit the other boy while he was holding him down, but he didn't. Justin used what he has learned to defend himself without hurting others. This made us very proud and confident that if he is ever put in a bullying situation he will be able to defend himself. We would like to take this opportunity to thank both Sensei Kevin and Sensei Bill along with all the other instructors for teaching our son the discipline and giving him the confidence to defend himself.

Sophia and Robert Rubio


Open since 1996, PMA awards since 2010 to 2017